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28 Sep 2016

Thanks to Arnie Cuozzo

Thanks to Arnie Cuozzo at HM Drums for the fly drum head art for @thalia tour @PearlDrumCorp

27 Sep 2016

Thalia Latina Love Tour

Quick day off for a little shedding and packing, then off the The Beacon Theatre Wednesday to start Thalia Latina Love Tour. Respect and appreciation always to Remo SABIAN Pearl Drums Vic Firth andJH Audio for always coming along with me.  

26 Sep 2016
07 Aug 2015

Beacon Theatre

Quick little @SABIAN_Vault shot at @BeaconTheatre last night for with @americanidolliv last night.

05 Aug 2015

The Beacon Theatre

Playing The Beacon Theatre tomorrow night with this talented young buck Qaasim Middleton for the New York stop of the 2015 American Idol Tour. Good to see so much music coming out a dude his age! There is hope… (Not sure if you would know from watching him on Idol, but this kid plays guitar, drums, writes and is also a killer dancer. )

31 Jul 2015

Special Olympics 2015

I borrowed Stevie Wonder’s dancers for a quick pep talk and huddle before their segment. Nice young ladies. Except for the one that asked me if I knew Rosa Parks. Not nice.

27 Jul 2015

Special Olympics – video

Quick rough vid of the countdown before we played in the stadium. Cameramen HATE it when you turn it on them!

23 Jul 2015

At Avril rehearsal for Special Olympics performance

At Avril rehearsal for Special Olympics performance. After literally decades, I’m going to actually get paid for playing tympani. And on TV no less.