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28 Sep 2016

Thanks to Arnie Cuozzo

Thanks to Arnie Cuozzo at HM Drums for the fly drum head art for @thalia tour @PearlDrumCorp

26 Sep 2016


Updated SABIAN Thalia setup (things change up in rehearsals…)   14″ AA Mini Chinese 19″ AA Holy China 10″ HH China Kang Chinese 10″ AAX O-Zone Splash 21″ AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride 16″ AAX X-Plosion Hats 10″ AAX Air Splash 18″ AA Raw Bell Crash 19″ HHX X-Treme Crash 18″ HH O-Zone Crash

28 Jul 2015

Vic Firth, a true legend and giant left us today.

It’s hard to calculate how much his insight and vision has influenced drumming in the modern era. Like countless others, I have always been proud of my association. RIP Mr Firth.